Nasu (Belle Fox Chicago Justine) was BOS and Best Of Breed junior and BIS-Junior 4. in Finnish Retrievers organisations Show (among 67 tollers) 7.8. in Vantaa. She got her first CAC there. Next day 8.8. Nasu became World Junior Winner -2014 in Helsinki. She got res-CAC (101 tollers!).  In Helsinki she was handled by Marika Berg, Thank you!

Dux/Hulda pups Max (BF C. Whitesox) and Retu (BF C. Gangster) have been x-rayed and they have best possible hips (A/A) and elbows (0/0). Retu have allready 3 CACs from Kuopio Int Shows 1.-3.8 and had nice placements in Vantaa (JN2) and Helsinki (JN3).

Pictures in facebook https://fi-fi.facebook.com/tuula.taskinen

Hertta (BF Be Strong from Hulda/Jack litter) passed field trial, congratulations!